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May 24

Jim Dewar
Last week I posted that we would be holding our regular worship service beginning this week, but that announcement was premature.   This Sunday, the Elders and our preaching guy Jim will once again be available for prayer and Communion at the church from 10-12. There will also be a message available on our Facebook page by Sunday.  We do plan on opening back up for public services within the next few weeks, but for now, we will continue with the current system. Have a blessed week!







































Bible Trivia

Who taught with Paul in Antioch?

The Church We Aspire to Be

   We, the assembly of Christian people who meet for worship in the Astoria Christian Church building, understand the Church of Christ to be characterized by one Body, one Spirit, one Hope, one Faith, one Baptism, and one God, the Father of all.
   We who are Christians are related to God as His children; to one another as brothers and sisters; to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, our Teacher, our Model, and our Mediator of salvation and restoration to true humanity, and to the fellowship of God in eternal life. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”
   We confess one Creed: Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.
   We confess one authority: The Word of God revealed in the New Testament.
   We hold one measure or standard as authoritative: that way of life, personal and as a Body, practiced and taught by the Apostles Jesus appointed as His witnesses.
   We believe God intentionally designed His people to be marked by four characteristics: oneness, holiness, universality, and apostolic.

Mission Statement OUR PURPOSE: To share Life In Christ in five Biblical ways: Praising God; Teaching the Word; Living the Faith; Loving One Another; and Reaching the World.
1151 Harrison Ave. Astoria, Oregon 97103 USA
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